Nest set Menu (weds-Sat) | £44

Drinks Pairing | £40

The kitchen: Johnnie & Michaela

Front of House: Luke & Oran

Alongside seasonal vegetables and fresh British seafood, we are proud to use only one meat in the kitchen at a time. This is not to say the menu is only focussed on meat but it does mean we can manage meat consumption in a more sustainable way and ensure no part of the animal goes to waste.

Current Meat: Game Bird season *

Wood Pigeon | 9th - 12th October

Mallard | 16th - 24th October

*Subject to change due to wild shot birds

*Please note; birds may contain shot

tasting of BRitish game birdS | 25TH October - 26TH October | £55 Extended menu | Celebrating Mallard, Partridge, Pigeon, Grouse

Next in:

Grass fed Yorkshire BEEF | 8 WEEKS | 30TH OCTOBER - 21ST DECEMBER


We offer a multiple course set menu built on the British seasons and celebrates the incredible rare meat breeds we have in this country.

Fresh vegetables come from Calixta at Flourish Produce in Cambridgeshire, who’s sustainable farming methods are powered solely by two work horses, Bill & Ben.

Our fish comes from Flying Fish who provide the highest quality & freshest produce found off the coast of Cornwall.

Shellfish (Live Langoustine & Hand Dived Scallops) come from Keltic Seafare sourced from crystal clear ‘Class A’ waters off the North-West Highland Coast of Scotland

Dietary Restrictions

We are a small team who are passionate about we do. We want diners to embrace the Nest experience by trying the whole menu - a snap shot of our favourite ingredients and flavours at this particular time of year. However, we can cater for dietary restrictions with notice of at least 2 days before your reservation or at the time of booking. Being such a small team team, without prior notice we can’t guarantee we can cater to your requirements.

Wednesday-Saturday Evening

Please note the menu is subject to changes and supplement dishes on each evening

Set Menu | £44

Game Bird Sample Menu

Wild Mushroom & Seaweed Tart


Liver Parfait & Blackberry


Squash, Sage & Ragstone


Scottish Langoustine Fennel & Fermented Red Pepper (+£7)


Cornish Sea Bass, Celeriac & Oyster Veloute


Pigeon Sausage & Jerusalem Artichoke


Wood Pigeon, Red Leaves & Damson


Lemon Tart


British Cheeses, Beer Pickled Prunes & Homemade Oatcakes (+£8 per person)

SAMPLE Drinks List

We offer a small & considered list and focus on wine & drinks made with low-intervention production methods. Above all we only serve drinks that we think taste great and that work with the current food menu.

Please note we constantly update our drinks list and so the below is a guideline of what we have.